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Free Trial Period

The first thing to say is that the cost of trying Feed Donkey for any merchant is a very reasonable zero dollars $👌

For small merchant storefront – we have a free forever plan, however if your usage is above the limits of the free tier. When you install the application or very shortly afterwards you will be asked to accept a paid subscription plan.

When you are re-directed to Shopify admin, you will be offered a form to accept a recurring charge. But please be aware this comes with a 15 DAY FREE TRIAL period. There are no feature limitations during this trial period.

If you decide that the service is not for you at any time during the trial simply uninstall/ remove the app from your store – you will incur no charges. No hard feelings, no risk to you.

If you choose not to accept a plan that fits your usage level, you will still be able to access the app administration, build test feeds (within the free tier limits) and generally get a feel for how the admin works. However, your store database will not receive regular updates whilst your account has this status.

We very much hope that you fee able to give us a try even if you do not fit within the free forever plan. if you have any questions or you wish to talk to us about any special arrangements, please reach out to us, on the messenger bubble in the bottom right of your screen, or email us info@