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Subscription Upgrades and Downgrades

All you need to know about managing your subscription with us.

Everyone firstly will create and account with us and so your should be familiar with the setup/ installation process as described in this article. If you are completely new to us and haven’t yet got an active account this is the place to start.

So from this point forward we are making the assumption that you are an active user of the Feed Donkey application and we will describe the considerations from this perspective.

Your plan level that you are currently subscribed to will depend upon your level of usage and we look at three dimensions to determine the plan tier that you are eligible for.

  • The number of SKUs – individual product records that are kept synchronised in your Feed Donkey database.
  • The number of storefronts linked.
  • The number of feeds – the number of customised feeds that you have saved.
  • The frequency of updates – the amount of time that elapses between feed data refreshes & therefore how ‘live’ the data in your feeds are.

Pricing is aligned as closely as we reasonably can with the compute and storage resources that your account consumes.

Clearly if you have a high number of SKUs over multiple store databases, and from this you build multiple feeds with each of these feeds being updated in a close to live state on the hour .. this uses a great deal more resource than a small store, with a couple of feeds getting a single data refresh in a 24 hour period.

This is why we have a range of plans available starting with a Free Forever tier. Nobody has to pay to try us out though – the first time you accept a paid plan you will be offered 15 days on a free trial basis.

You can use our services within this time for usage levels up to Pro completely free and if you uninstall before the 15 days has elapsed you can be sure that you will not be billed any recurring charges.

When you’re level of usage does not fit within your current plan level we will notify you and give you the opportunity to change this. A change of usage level may happen whilst logged in to the app, outside of the app or during installation – and here is an example of each.

  1. Inside of the app – the Free Forever plan has at the time of writing a limit of 3 customised feeds. If you add a 4th feed, on save you will be asked to upgrade.
  2. Outside of the app – a change of SKU numbers that are required to be synchronised could trigger the need for a plan change. This would probably be detected as part of a regular product data update & if so you will be notified via email and/ or via a pop up on the next login to the app admin.
  3. During installation – the addition of a storefront can result in the need for a change of plan level, the required minimum plan level will be presented as part of the installation process for the new store.

However an upgrade requirement is communicated though – you will be routed through your plans page (Profile > Plans) to confirm acceptance in Feed Donkey app settings and if appropriate in Shopify admin for the purposes of a recurring charge.

As regards plan downgrades, again you can use the plans page to select the right subscription level for your needs now and in the future. The ‘Recommended’ plan will always be the lowest price plan that will accommodate the number of SKU’s, Stores and Feeds that you have linked/ saved (if you are on the recommended plan it will be displayed as ‘Current’).

We are happy to discuss any custom requirements that you may have as regards plans and/ or subscription levels – if you think this applies to you please get in touch.