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Product/ SKU Count for Subscription Tiers

When you see in our pricing/ billing section you will see for each plan:

  • An upper limit on the number of stores (that can be linked)
  • An upper limit on the number of feeds (that can be created)
  • An upper limit on the number of SKUs (that can be updated)

With SKU count we are counting variants as separate items or lines. So for example if you sell a shirt in your store in 3 colours and 3 sizes, the SKU count for this line is 9.

How do I find the number of products and SKUs in my store?

There are a few ways to get this information but quite a simple method exists. When logged in to your Shopify admin panel the home screen will be on the following URL


To find the values simply append the following to the end of the URL in the browser bar:

For products – https://[your-store-name]

For skus – https://[your-store-name]

This will print a number to the screen e.g. {count:998}

If you have some custom requirements that you wish to discuss about any of our plans we are happy to have a conversation and try to meet your needs. Please contact us via email info@