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PriceRunner Feed | Build Guide

Product Feed Specification

  • Feed File must be standard rows and columns format, where columns represent fields and rows product records
  • PriceRunner can handle the majority of file formats. With regard to Feed Donkey you can choose to serve your file as either .txt or .csv file, with the character delimiter comma, tab, pipe or semi-colon. You can also choose .json format for this channel too.
  • PriceRunner will validate your feed format before they start to fetch your product data updates on a regular basis.
  • You can make your feed file available on a https:// URL with Feed Donkey for PriceRunner to use for updates
  • Encoding, PriceRunner accepts UTF-8 that is the default format for Feed Donkey created files.

Below is a list of the columns recommended for successful listing on PriceRunner. The order and title is unimportant (provided that they are comprehensible). NB! By including MSKU or EAN (column 11 and 12), it will be possible to match your products automatically and upload them to PriceRunner more quickly.

Product name

Any variant or model of a product should be clearly stated. PriceRunner’s search engine and filters work using the information in this field. Try to use keywords you want to be found for.

Good product name: Philips Azur Performer Plus GC4517

Poor product name: Philips Iron

SKU/Article no.

The product’s unique ID. Ideally a combination of text and figures, for example “abc123” and not just “1”

Good SKU: ABC123

Poor SKU: 1


The name of the product category. Remember to use clear categorisation and not to mix different product types in the categories. For gender-specific products (e.g. clothes and perfume), it is important to divide them up into Women, Men and Children. Our filters are partly based on the category names.

Good category name: Clothes > Women > Tops

Poor category name: Fashion & Clothes


The product price including VAT. The currency should be stated. Use a comma or a period as the decimal marker.

Good price: £25

Poor price: 25 excluding VAT

Product URL

URL to the product in your shop. It can also contain tracking parameters for analysis tools such as Google Analytics.


Product description

Detailed information about the product. PriceRunner’s search engine and filters work using the information in this field. Try to include the keywords you want to be found for.

Good product description: Red four-legged table with storage underneath. Ideal for living room or bedroom. Dimensions 100 x 50 cm.

Poor product description: Really attractive and practical!

Image URL

URL to the product image. The CMYK format is not supported.


Stock status

Number of products in stock or Yes/No.

Good stock status: 12 pcs, or Yes

Poor stock status: Few, or N/A

Shipping costs

The product’s shipping cost. If the value is missing or incorrect, PriceRunner will try to find the right information on your site.

Example: £5


The product manufacturer. Used in our filters.

Example: Adidas

Manufacturer’s SKU/Manufacturer’s article no./MSKU

Manufacturer’s unique article number. Used by us to automatically match many product types.

Example: 1170-0500


EAN code. Unique barcode number. Used by us to automatically match many product types and make the products searchable in the barcode scanner in our app.

Example: 0021299147573

Delivery time

The promised delivery time from the time of the order in the number of working days.

Good delivery time: 5 working days

Poor delivery time: Varies

Product categories

It is best to have categories with clear and detailed names that describe what sort of product type the category contains. In other words, it is advantageous to include the entire search path to the category. For example, “Kitchen – Serving – Plates” instead of just “Kitchen”.

In addition, the categories must not be too vague or general, such as “Accessories” or “Household appliances”. Instead choose categories such as “Mobile phone accessories” or “Household appliances > Coffee machines”. And remember not to mix up different product types within the categories. One example is to avoid adding accessories for a coffee machine to the same category as the machines themselves.

NB! Each of your categories has to be manually checked by us against appropriate PriceRunner categories. For this reason, categories with names that are too general or unclear and with mixed product types may be ignored or only partially listed if we feel that it will be too resource intensive to resolve this.

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