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Column Preview Function

You can preview the data that your column header rules will output without having to export your data file and check it via this method. This can be a useful time saver to get a flavour or snapshot of the output.

Whilst it is a limited sample from the first 100 product records it is a true reflection of both the source data and also any process/ map rules that you may have applied .

For example:

If you built a header ‘product id’ to output product level data element PRODUCT_GID as ORIGINAL – this would populate your column exactly as it is stored in Shopify…

But perhaps you would build this so that you only output the number characters from this string.

In this case there are at least a couple of ways of getting this result. But in the next example we’ve used a simple REGEX EXTRACT rule to clip out the part of the string that is made up from characters 1 to 9.

Whilst you are in the column builder you can check that this has had the desired effect with Column Preview ..

Just to re-iterate – column preview can only ‘see’ the first 100 product records on your product database if the data element you are using is not populated – you will not see any data in column preview.