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Alerts and Groups

Firstly, navigate to the Groups tab and set-up an email contact group ..

Once this is in place then you can also configure a feed alert. Here is a short demo of how this is done..

In this example we have entered the following configuration:

MIN DL = 1 (Minimum Downloads)


What this means is that for the feeds attached to this alert – they must be downloaded at least once in a 24 hour period (starting from the point at which you save your alert). If this minimum download threshold is not met – the alert will be triggered and you will receive an email to inform you.

We have attached Google Merchant Centre and Facebook Ads feed to this alert. If both of the feeds met the download threshold you would not receive an email. If both didnt meet the threshold – you would receive two emails. If just one failed you would receive a single email identifying which channel needed your attention.

We have attached My Group as the contact group – so all the emails added to this group will be the addresses that alert emails are directed to.

We did not in the example populate the Excl IP (Exclude IP) field. This element is present so that you can prevent test downloads of feeds being counted in the frequency monitoring for feed fetches. Just add in the IP addresses for the connections where these tests are being made from and they will not be counted in the stats.

We ticked the Immediately Alert on Outage tick-box. Selecting this means that if there is any feed availability problem detected – a message will be triggered to the contact Group immediately. If this is not checked, alerts will be triggered at the end of the time period selected (if the fetch criteria has not been met).

Finally, we set the alert status to live with the slider switch – on save this puts the alert in place.