Terms and Conditions


Feed DonkeyThe Feed Donkey App and its related websites and services, owned by Donkey Digital Ltd in the United Kingdom with its employees, subcontractors and sub-processors
The AppThe Feed Donkey application provided through the Shopify App Store
App UserPerson who has installed the application on their Shopify storefront and in doing so created a user account on app.feed-donkey.io
PartnerAny external service provider
Shopify TermsShopify App Store Terms & Conditions

Extent of the Agreement

The Feed Donkey app is developed for and published on the Shopify App Store according to their terms. By installing the application through the Shopify App Store the app user is agreeing to abide by the Shopify Terms. If there should be any ambiguity or conflict between Feed Donkey’s Terms and Shopify’s Terms, Shopify’s Terms take precedence.

In the context of the Shopify terms, The App is defined as the Third Party App.

The Terms and Conditions for Feed Donkey include the Privacy Notice and Cookies Policy these are integral parts of the overall Agreement for usage.

Licence to Use

App User is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-shareable, revocable, limited license to use the App solely for personal and commercial use in accordance with this agreement and the Shopify Terms.

Prohibited Conduct

You agree that you will use the app within your own rights, permissions and regulations. You agree not use the App to perform any illegal or unlawful activity. You agree to adhere fully to your obligations to data protection, privacy and security whilst using the app.

When working with the App or any other Feed Donkey service, you agree that you will not:

Privacy and Data Usage

Feed Donkey requires access to store product data to function. The App will access, replicate and store all product data, meta-data and inventory data for the store that has been linked with the App.

Also included will be contact information from the Shopify store in order to create the App User.

By using the App the App User is giving consent for use of this store data in order to provide the Feed Donkey service.

More details of stored and processed data will be described in the Privacy Notice.

Warranty and Liability Limitation

The Feed Donkey service is employed at the App Users own risk. We have a team of professionals working to ensure service continuity but we offer and give no formal service level agreement on feed availability.

We do give you several tools to mitigate your own risks and make sure that you are able to minimise the business impacts of any failures or outages that may occur. The reality is that as with any online software solution provided as a service, software defects, infrastructure failures, security breaches, denial of service attacks or plain human error are all possibilities however unlikely.

We give you the ability to monitor feed availability with the App, both in terms of feed up-time as well as how frequently data is being fetched by external services.

In addition to this we have a Feed Donkey Status Monitor resource that you can access at any time and you can subscribe by either RSS feed or email to receive notifications of any updates/ changes to the App’s known operational status.

In any circumstances you agree to release the Feed Donkey app, Donkey Digital Ltd, its employees, sub-contractors and partners from any liabilities or losses that have been caused as a result of using any Feed Donkey services.


By using the app you agree to indemnify the owners, directors, employees, sub-contractors and partners of Donkey Digital Ltd against any legal actions, claims or disputes that arise from your actions in respect of your interaction with the Feed Donkey service.

In addition to this you agree to indemnify the owners, directors, employees, sub-contractors and partners of Donkey Digital Ltd against any legal action, charges or fees that have resulted from your actions in breach of this agreement.

Pricing Structure

The app is provided on a monthly subscription basis, and the monthly charge is based up on the volume of usage.

Usage volume is defined by the number of product SKUs and stores that are linked to the App service. There is an additional dimension in the number of customised feeds that have been created within the service.

The current pricing plan tiers can be seen here. This page describes the usage volume vs monthly charge in detail.

The Feed Donkey Customer Support resource is free regardless of the plan level.

You can upgrade/ downgrade or cancel your plan at any time by simply installing/ uninstalling the Feed Donkey application in your Shopify storefront(s).

Your billing is worked out on a daily basis with Shopify. So any changes of plan/ billing tier will be instant and these will be calculated as such over the 30 day billing cycle.

All Feed Donkey subscribers get a Free Trial period of 15 days to try before they buy.

There is an exception to this in that within the free trial period you are limited to the Standard plan thresholds. If you go beyond these in the Free Trial period – billing will commence at this point regardless of the free trial days remaining. (we will notify you of this fact so you can take remedial action if required)

The Free Trial period is given automatically once per new customer – there is no automatic entitlement to repeats or resumptions of Free Trial periods. Please contact us if you wish to repeat or resume a Free Trial period – we will handle these on a case by case basis.

Refund Policy

We care deeply about customer satisfaction, we love to receive feedback whether that be positive or negative. We want to constantly improve and both varieties help us to do this.

We are here to provide service and value for our Shopify merchants and help them to grow their businesses profitably. If however you feel that you have not received what you paid for from the service please trust that we will do everything reasonably within our power to resolve this for you.

There are two sides to this agreement however and we simply ask you to consider these points before you pursue a refund.

Feed Donkey users all get the chance to try the application, fully and without functional limitation for 15 days after first installation. Hopefully you agree that this is a reasonable free trial period, and after this time has elapsed there should be no surprises about what the service is and what you are paying to receive.

If you discover that the application is not going to cover your requirements – there is an easy way to not get billed a single $ .. uninstall the Feed Donkey application from your Shopify storefront(s). No charge will be made if your usage was confined to the free trial period.

In the context of refunds therefore, there is responsibility by you to use the free trial days wisely. We hope that you see us as excellent value for money of course.

The next point relates not only to refunds but also to feature requests & issues of missing functionality. Please reach out to us an we will do our level best to find a creative solution. Feed Donkey is feature rich and we have tried to cover as many use cases as we practically could in the feed building ‘toolkit’. There are no doubt some outlier cases that we can not cover, but we would also guess that there are many scenarios that can be solved with some lateral thinking.

Refunds can only be issues up to a maximum of 1 month historically.



Feed Donkey is a product of Donkey Digital Ltd, Registered in the United Kingdom, Company Number 12030494

Email address: info@